Take back control of your emails

With big email providers you don't own your data!

  • They can sell it to the highest bidder.
  • Their engineers can read your emails.
  • They can keep it when you close your account.
  • They can choose to stop the service any time and your data is lost.

If you want to control and own your data, Dmail is what you are looking for.

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Dmail Features

A decentralized email service that puts you in control of your own data.

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An identity,not an account

Your emails belong to your identity not an account that central authorities own and control.

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Decentralized service

No one can shut the service down. Not even us!

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Control your data storage

Your emails are encrypted and you decide where to store them.

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Complete privacy

No one can see your emails except those you allow.

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Security without hassle

Easy to use with friendly and fun visual.

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No more spam

Marketing companies don't have access to your data so they will not spam your inbox.

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Why use an identity instead of an account?

When you create an old fashioned account you are giving away your data to the providers and they can do whatever they want with it.

In Dmail, you create an identity which owns all the data and Dmail is just an app you use to perform tasks (send and receive emails) with your data.

Want to secure your emails and gain back your control over them?

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How it works

To communicate securely and privately, follow these simple steps.

Register a new Blockstack ID

Click on Register button, enter a valid ID then follow the instructions and you're set.

Signin with your new ID

Click on Sign in to sign with your new Blockstack ID.

Invite your friends

Choose the friends and family you want to communicate with securely, and invite them to create their own Blockstack IDs.

Browse your inbox and send emails

You can now communicate freely and securely with everyone who has a Blockstack ID. Alternatively, you can send us an email to dmail.id and we'll happily reply back.

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